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“We enjoyed your music creativity, lyrics well written, and good messages. Vocals are like Janis Joplin meets Sugarland!”
NSAI – Nashville, TN

The Press
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Amanda Phillips - A Girl Like Me w/ BLOOPERS!! Ever been cheated on??? Check it out and see if I know my songs are written from real life experiences! Thank you Christie Maiola Kevin Sawyer and Justine Della Vecchia....Please watch and share! You're support is what matters! God bless! #realtionshipsgonesouth #girllikeme #amandaphillips

Posted by Amanda Phillips on Friday, June 19, 2015

Meanwhile in Georgia...PAWN with BLOOPERS!!! - Amanda Phillips! One of the top picked songs by you guys on the Relationships Gone South Album..Watch Share and spread some laughter! I embarrassed myself just for Y'all! I love this! #Pawn #relationships #gone #south #share #support #lol Thank you so much Christie Maiola Konrad Stauffer Crystal Stauffer as well Konrads Folks!

Posted by Amanda Phillips on Friday, June 12, 2015

"I Gotta get out" - Amanda Phillips. Video content shown is based off of real life events that took place in the actors lives. Please watch n share n let God take it to those who need to hear it! ..There is a way out! God bless those who got out! Special thank you to Konrad Stauffer Kevin Sawyer Justine Della Vecchia and Christie Maiola. #abuse #relationships #gone #south

Posted by Amanda Phillips on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Relationships Gone South - "Reversing" This is the first song on the album to be brought out with video. Ever wish you could actually reverse a country song and get everything back? I do. Here's to all the memories we carry with us! To our angels who are awaiting our arrival come our time. Here's to you all who have supported me throughout my career! I love you all! Thank you! Please share and have others share! First song of it's kind and people in the video who deserve to be remembered. God bless #Angels #Friends #Relationships #Gone #South #Reversing #Support

Posted by Amanda Phillips on Friday, May 22, 2015
Out Of My Mind unplugged Video HD

New release..Out Of My Mind..unplugged Video/Bloopers HD! Check it ouuuuut!!!

Posted by Amanda Phillips on Sunday, April 7, 2013
A Voice for The Children [HD]

A voice for the Children! A thank you from Terry Williams , Christie Maiola and myself to all of you who began the challenge to make awareness for saving children and pets from dying in hot cars. Please share this with all you know and ask it be shared. This is the next step to take this movement that we all are in as a family! #awareness #hotcar #TerryWilliams

Posted by Amanda Phillips on Saturday, July 12, 2014

Amanda Phillips is a country music artist who’s quickly gaining popularity for her artist originality! Amanda brings to the stage a different sound of music, powerful voice, storytelling lyrics, and all the qualities in a top performer!

Amanda Phillips’s career began opening for the acts below, along with many others.

As she continued her career in music, she performed in bands and songwriters nights in Nashville, TN.

Taking it to the next level, Amanda has branched out as a solo singer/songwriter with a unique voice and style.

Darryl Worley

Andy Griggs

Tammy Cochran

Shannon Brown

Grand Staff

The Larkins

Archie Bell

Clifford Curry

Leon “The Original” and His Coasters

Clarence Carter

The Diamonds

The Vogues

Big John Thompson

Jackie Gore

In 2005, Amanda moved to Nashville, Tennessee, while there she joined NSAI, became affiliated with BMI. She also began performing at open mic nights, songwriter’s conventions, events and singing in several bands there. Amanda is known for her powerful delivery, style, lyrics and diversity in all genres, setting out to be an entertainer in the country music genre. New to Atlanta, GA in 2012, Amanda was the first country artist to win the artist development competition called “Who’s Got That Vibe?” in 27 seasons with her hit song “Let Me Go!”Amanda is also in an artist development boot camp weekly.

2010/2011 “With Me” was distributed worldwide to families and American soldiers. This song has captured the attention of thousands who have lost someone and continuing to grow. “With Me” has been requested and played by families for fallen heroes at their funerals. Also, it has made radio airplay. Overall words described by the listeners “A song that has spoken for many who were at a loss of words.”

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